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God put the wrong on him (Christ) who never did anything wrong,
so we could be put right with God. 2 Cor 5:12

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Self Imposed Laws

When we are born, the responsibility of our parents is to train us how to live right so that when we are old enough to leave home, we have become mature adults who can successfully make our way in society.

We all know our parents are not perfect and make mistakes, and we shouldn't blame them for this as they did their best according to the understanding they had.

If we came from a home with a lot of love and acceptance, we'll find that we are given room to learn from our mistakes and thus grow into mature adults.

If we came from a home with little love we'll find that our acceptance was determined by the keeping of rules and regulations. If we kept the rules we were accepted and loved. If we failed to keep them, we were rejected, kept at arms length and starved of love.

If we came from the home of little love and plenty of rules, we carry such behaviour over into adulthood and without realising it we conduct our lives with others on the same basis.

´┐╝These rules now become, 'Self imposed laws'. If we keep the laws, we feel fulfilled and satisfied, but if we fail to keep the laws, we know that punishment will follow. This takes the form of judgement, condemnation and guilt.

Thus whenever we fail, we berate ourselves unmercifully, we beat up on ourselves, we punish ourselves. In fact, these two ugly sisters of guilt and condemnation are destroyers of life. They destroy our peace and joy, they destroy our relationships and they destroy any sense of fulfilment.

It may take weeks for us to get over a mistake we made because of how guilty and condemned we feel and sometimes we never get over it.

Let's look at one example >

Jesus Puts The 'amazing' Into Grace!

The day of righteousness, peace and joy has finally arrived for the Church and a revolution is taking place around the world.

What is this revolution. It's the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. A grace that's been there all along but which has been obscured by a different gospel, the gospel of law!

And who are the culprits, who is responsible for binding up the Church with chains so heavy that we have often despaired of life itself. This may come as a shock so prepare yourself. It is we, the preachers and teachers of the Church that have imprisoned the Church in darkness.

Yes! The very people commissioned to set God's people free have in fact bound them up.

But God's grace is so deep He's now taking the blinkers off our eyes and we're beginning to see the true gospel.

Oasis of grace are opening up around the world and people are flocking in their millions to drink deeply of the draughts of righteousness, peace and joy.

Jesus has put the 'amazing' into grace!